About us

Damon Stewart

Hi, I’m Damon Stewart and I’m the owner and Principal Software Engineer at Andrium Consulting Services. My goal is to help you add wireless communications to your products and streamline your development. We help you connect your devices to the Internet of Things, adding new capabilities into your products and giving you an edge in your market.

Whether you already have in-house wireless communications expertise or not, we can help!

Our Mission

Andrium Consulting Services was started in 2014 to provide Zigbee and 802.15.4 software and design solutions to OEM clients. We have recently added BLE and Wi-Fi capabilities to our portfolio.

With the increasing presence and proliferation of smart devices into more and more industries, there is a growing consumer expectation to have wireless capabilities in all kinds of modern equipment and devices. Andrium Consulting Services helps you integrate Zigbee, BLE, or Wi-Fi wireless communications capabilities into your products seamlessly.

With the help of our partners, we can develop complete end-to-end systems to provide monitoring, reporting, and control capabilities as needed.

Inside Andrium Consulting Services

Since 2004, Damon has developed a broad offering of certified Zigbee products and software solutions. He has developed firmware for Zigbee gateways and a variety of end devices. In addition to software development, he provides technical expertise, architecture review, training, support, testing, and manufacturing and certification support services.

Damon has an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with an emphasis on Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications and Routing Protocols.

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