We connect your products to the IoT:

Want to link your products to the Internet of Things?

We help you seamlessly add wireless communications capabilities into your products such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, and others.

Get top-notch hardware, software, and training from a leading IoT consultancy.

leverage our expertise

Get all the benefits of Internet Connectivity without the learning curve,
lost time, and work of doing it in-house.

We answer your questions and make the integration seamless and simple.

Move into new markets

You are an expert in your field. You know your market well.

You may want to add wireless connectivity to your products but are not sure how to do it.

That’s where we can help!

Did you know Zigbee has an ecosystem of over 1 billion deployed devices? Add Zigbee to your device, and you could enter these markets as well.

> Zigbee runs on dozens of device types, including these below.

zigbee-enabled devices Already in production
Ready to add your device?

get to market sooner

Even if your team has exceptional firmware expertise, we can jump into your existing projects to help you quickly:

  • Get over an unexpected hurdle or bug
  • Shorten development time
  • Ease certification challenges

> Bottom Line? Your product will generate new sales sooner.

Our Optimized Development Workflow

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Project Assessment

We look in detail at what you would like to accomplish, what skills and resources you have, and how we will help you get to your goal. We discuss:

  • What is your vision for this product?
  • What is your timeline?
  • For Zigbee solutions, are you planning to certify your product with a Zigbee test house?
  • What challenges have you encountered so far?
  • We make a thorough and doable gameplan that is comfortable, achievable, and seamless with your current workflow.



We'll communicate and get the necessary hardware and code to hit the ground running on your project. We'll establish relationships with the leaders in your business so we can collaborate seamlessly with them.


We'll develop the code that is needed to meet the requirements and stabilize the product. We make sure it is ready for certification testing (if certification testing is desired) and progress according to the key milestones established in the first step gameplan.


We make sure you have the customized support your project needs to be successful.

  • Certification Assistance (paperwork, pre-testing, product submission, etc.)
  • Training Services (train engineers, marketers, managers, support, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Support (programming and configuration, testing, etc.)

What Our Clients Say

"Andrium required almost zero training. They get the job done at high quality, on schedule!"
Bob Power
VP of Engineering, IoT, Silicon Labs

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Hardware Design

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Are you considering adding wireless communications to your product? Need to talk with experts who can advise you on options and processes?

Software Development

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ready to get connected?

Our services are perfect for companies looking to advance into the Internet of Things space...Quickly and Smoothly.